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California’s Three Strikes Law used to be one of the harshest of its kind in the country.  In addition to costing tax payers more money on overcrowded prisons, the severity of the Three Strikes Law has resulted in many inmates serving extremely lengthy sentences for non-violent offenses. 


In response to this unfairness, on November 6, 2012, California voters approved the Three Strikes Reform Act of 2012, also known as Proposition 36.  Proposition 36 amended the Three Strikes Law by making it less harsh, and by adding a resentencing procedure for some inmates who were sentenced under the former Three Strikes Law.



Under Proposition 36, thousands of inmates may be eligible for resentencing.

Proposition 36 created a “post-conviction release proceeding” for any prisoner who is serving a life sentence under the Three Strikes Law for a crime that is not a serious violent felony, and who is not disqualified for other reasons. 

A qualified inmate may petition to be resentenced as a “second strike” offender—and avoid a life sentence— unless the court determines that resentencing would create an unreasonable risk of danger to public safety.  There are two steps in the process: 

1) the eligibility determination:  whether the changes in the law apply to you, and

2) the “dangerousness” determination:  whether the court will decide that resentencing is appropriate in your case.


Criminal defense attorneys Angeli R. Fitch and Givelle J. Lamano have teamed up to provide legal services designed specifically to address Proposition 36 cases in a way that is affordable.  Call the Three Strikes Justice Center for a free consultation to see if you can benefit from the new law!

Based on your conviction information, we will determine whether you are eligible for resentencing, and in some cases, possible release from prison. If you are eligible, we will gather all the evidence to be considered at your hearing so that we can present your case to the judge in the most positive light. 

We are a non-profit organization so there is no charge or cost for an evaluation or representation for those who qualify. We are here to help!



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