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Attorneys Angeli R. Fitch and Givelle J. Lamano look at the whole story when taking on a new case and conduct a thorough investigation of all the facts to provide the best representation possible.  They understand that society’s influences, as well as unusual life circumstances, often play a pivotal role in each case.

After first examining your criminal history information to determine whether you qualify for possible resentencing, the next step is to gather even more information about your case to put together a petition for the court addressing whether a new sentence would be a “public safety risk.”



Courts will consider all relevant evidence when deciding whether resentencing is appropriate, including:



Attorneys Angeli R. Fitch and Givelle J. Lamano are Proposition 36 attorneys who will help you understand the new changes in law and how they might affect you.

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We will determine whether you, or a loved one, are eligible for resentencing.  We also offer optional programs that complement the legal services we provide for you. 

Rest assured that we will do everything we can to get you the best possible outcome.  Contact us for details.



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