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Prop 36: Revision of Three Strikes Law (video)

Bernice is serving a life sentence under California’s Three Strikes Law for possession of less than $10 of cocaine. (video)

Video Prop36 (video)


Three Strikes Prisoner Wins Release in Wake of California's Proposition 36 (full story published in the Sacramento Bee on April 23, 2013)

Court Blocks Release of Three Strikes Inmate (full story published in LA Times on April 30, 2013)

Five Sacramento County life-term inmates may be released under Prop 36 (full story published in Sacramento Bee on February 27, 2013)

Proposition 36, the Three Strikes Reform Act of 2012, operates prospectively only. Accordingly, proper remedy for a defendant scheduled to an indeterminate life sentence for an offense that would not qualify as a third strike under the amended law is to file a petition for a recall of his sentence in compliance with the new law.
New Case Law: People v. Yearwood - filed January 29, 2013, Fifth District, Cite as F063712.

“On Nov. 4, 1995, a small-time criminal named Leando Andrada stole $150 worth of video tapes from K-Mart.
The father of three was charged with felony theft – and since he’d had prior convictions for burglary and marijuana transportation, his conviction led to a sentence of 25 years to life. That’s nuts – but it’s the result of a very bad 1994 law that has made California one of the harshest states in the nation for repeat offenders – and has overcrowded the state prisons and cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.” Newly released California 'three-strikers' face new challenges

Local prosecutors have moved five life-term inmates from Sacramento County to the front of the line to possibly gain their releases from state prison under last year's passage of the Proposition 36 measure that softened California's "three-strikes" law.


Almost two years later, the ripple effect of the 2011 hunger strike organized by the Short Corridor Collective in Pelican Bay prison continues to reverberate throughout California. In protest of solitary confinement torture in California’s Security Housing Units (SHUs), 12,000 people in prisons throughout the state participated in the hunger strike. Sacramento hearing exposes CDCR’s hidden agenda

A man who spent 11 years in prison on a murder conviction that was later reversed has won a $13.2 million award in a civil rights lawsuit against the city of Cleveland.

FIRST CASE ON THE NEW PROPOSITION 36, THE 3-STRIKES INITIATIVE: Here's the first appellate decision on the new Proposition 36, the 3-Strikes initiative enacted in November: This defendant had an appeal pending when the initiative passed. The C/A refuses to apply the initiative to the defendant and denies an equal protection challenge. Their point is that 36 itself provides for a procedure for folks currently serving 3-Strikes sentences, namely a petition to be filed in the trial court. People v. Conley; 2012 DJ DAR 16437; DJ, 12/11/12; C/A 3rd



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